Joan Berenguer began his professional career in 1987 as a television director. In 1995 he decided to open his own audiovisual production company, Spotmedia S.L. , with which over the years will make more than 1500 social reports of all kinds, as well as industrial and advertising.

With a great professional experience making projects for different public and private TV channels, international producers such as Filmax or Sony Music, music video clips and theater companies such as La Cubana and Dagoll Dagom, among others, in 2008 she started a new professional stage at the helm of Animatik Studios SL, its own production company together with its partner Jordi Cubino (renowned international musician and music producer) in which he continues to develop all kinds of works related to the world of image, music and the Internet.

He is currently directing a series of international animation, of which he is the creator, together with Jordi Cubino, in which more than 40 countries are already interested in its commercialization and distribution.